2016 Rallycross Rulebook

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2016 Rallycross Rulebook

Post by PKraus1999 on Wed Jul 06, 2016 3:32 am

Mod: Virtual Rallycross
Race Length: 6 laps (heats) / 12 laps (final)
Tire Wear:  3x

Practice: 8:00 PM EST
Drivers Meeting: 9:00 PM EST
Qualifying: After drivers meeting
Race: 9:20 PM EST

1. Caution Procedure:

Caution flags

The Yellow Flag will be thrown by the ingame infrastructure, deal with it. It may screw you over, 1 race isn't 21

rFactor will tell you the correct procedure for cautions. You must obey these parameters at all times.

Pit Road

Pit Road will close at the moment of caution.

Drivers who have already entered the pit road prior to the Yellow Flag may complete their service and exit the pit road.

Entering the Pit Road when it is closed will result in an immediate EOLL penalty.

When the pits open under caution, Lead Lap and Lap Down cars will enter at the same time.

2. Starts/Restarts


At the start, launch control will be required for all drivers to use. If a driver is caught to not be using launch control, they will be given a time penalty at the conclusion of the race.


Drivers will restart single file. Lapped cars start behind the lead lap cars.

Passing will not be allowed until you have crossed the start/finish line.

If a driver jumps the initial start, they will serve the penalty given to them by the game itself. If a driver jumps a restart, they will receive a time penalty at the race's conclusion depending on the severity of the jump.

3. Race Finish

If the race can be restarted in regulation, we will run those final laps.

We ask that drivers do NOT wreck needlessly at the finish or on the cool down lap.

4. Wreck System:

During the race, no wrecks will be assessed.

If you feel a fellow competitor should receive a penalty for an incident that occurred during the race, you are to submit it to the penalty box. The penalty given by the league administrators will be final.

If one of the league administrators is reported for an incident, they may not give a verdict. Only those who are not involved in a given incident may give a verdict.

Final Notes:

Drivers will be asked to not wreck their cars in an intentional manner at the finish line or completion of the race. We ask that drivers pull off the track and park instead. Intentional crashing at the completion of the race may result in up to a 5 point penalty.

Car Rules:

Your car file must be uploaded to the forum in order to race. (NOTE: You are not required to run a custom car, you can run one of the cars that comes with the mod) It must have the appropriate templates and decals per requirement.

All cars must:

- Be created using the provided or suggested templates.
- Must be uploaded on the forum. NO FILES SHOULD BE IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP

We will reserve the right to ask a driver to change paint schemes if we deem it necessary. This is utilized in rare circumstances.

Other notes:

We reserve the right to refuse anyone.


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